Krubera Mocha Stout

5.2% ABV
Mocha Coffee stout now available in 500ml bottles. Award winning beer which is smooth, creamy and has lots of chocolate and coffee.

Kringle Juice

4.2% ABV
Festive session pale ale. Brewed with Amarillo hops to give a nice orange back drop.


Hollow Stone is a cave that was once used to store beer, we use this to inspire us to find amazing cave systems all over the world, then source ingredients to brew a fantastic range of drinkable craft beer. Just follow the lantern for beers that are well balanced.

A range of Gluten Free, Vegan cask ales. Based in Nottingham, also known as the City of Caves, Hollow Stone is the name of a cave which in medieval times stored beer. We brewed our first beer an American Pale using all American hops so looked for a name and found a cave called Oligo Nunk. This started a patten, we find places from around the world, take inspiration, brew a beer and give it a cave or cave related name.

We also love drinking beers but look for well balanced sessionable beers. Which means everything in just the right amount. If you are looking for super strong, super hoppy, out there beers. Then we are not that brewer.